Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 first post!! XDD

hahahah it's another new year for me to update my blog 
not bad XD  
honestly speaking 
I still feel grateful that it's still here 
It's a way for me to express myself 
my true self
a year has passed, lots of things had happened 
I am now still the Vice president of the student's association of my department
and guess what? am not happy about all these 
lots of friendships have been sacrificed 
lots of emotions have also been sacrificed 
i'll admit it now 
everything starts with a reason 
yeah, fine i'll admit it, it's all my fault
but I am tired of regrouping my own emotions of being back on the game 
I guess for once, in a very long time, I wish I can just being the carefree me, or the quite me
I am done entertaining anyone
I've made the decision to apply a long leave for this two months
Yes, I am. 
But when ones' burning flame has been extinguished for several times, ones' flame wont burn anymore
Emotional and irrelevant? 
Yes, I am 
Totally. stubborn is my middle name. 
hahaha yup! dramatic is my last name in fact
I will admit that ppl are tired of my emotions 
I am tired of myself as well actually 
The worst part is the friendship that I've cherished sooo much is destroyed by my own 2 hands? 
I guess time will tell =( 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I really really love singing
I really do
I know I sing ok but I don't think I can touch people's heart
though some very kind friends said that my singing is very good
thank you for your kindness guys, i really appreciate it =')
once again, I lost my confidence, I just can't do it
I was suppose be singing with my friend in a group for a performance
but my partner, she is very good, when I listen to her singing
my heart and mind tells me, Angela, what are you doing?
You're ruining the song
and of course, it's like a gut feeling I am troubling them
so why be the girl that annoys than being a one who knows how to step down for the bigger picture?
I know I shouldn't be thinking like this, but what can I do when a girl does not have the confidence?
and I can't.... do anything about it, I don't know how..
and of course, people says you should just enjoy it!
Don't think too much!!!
yes! of course! undeniable, but I will not lie
I wanna sing good!
I wanna impress people and let them feel that woaw, damn this girl is really really good!
owh well, I guess this will only be in my dreams...
and I sometimes hate myself for being paranoid and thinking too much
it's so freaking fucking annoying!!

but just give me some time and I will be fine  =)
my smile is always there to give the ones in need

music is still my life though

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

hey =)

waow, it's been two years since my last post
I wonder is there anyone gonna read this but myself
lot of stuffs have happened for the past 2 years
I can't believe that my last post was only till july 2013
and here I am, updating my blog in Taiwan, in my dorm
with my English being rusty and all 
these two years, waow again, 
reading back some of my post going OMFG what the hell was I blogging with all the emoticons and being bubbly and all 
can't stop laughing how carefree I was 2 years ago

new friends, new school, new environment
and of course new fats joined the Angela's body storage~ 
and here I am being an aunt already 
just being emotional and all of how fast time passed
when will I update my blog again? 
when will I reread the post I've blogged since I was 14 
and now I am 21 
studying veterinary medicine in NPUST 
with my hair getting longer everyday ever since graduation

i guess let the picture do the talking of how was the life for the pass 2 years? 


 hahaha yeah, lots of pictures
getting all emotional uploading and rearranging these pictures
it was a great almost 2 years of memories
let's make more memories for the years to come
really love you guys to the fullest
thank you =')